Monday, April 7, 2014

Ode to Gina

Gina was the friend of a friend for the most part. Probably because she was around 20 years older than I was and we mostly saw each other only fleetingly during the holidays.

Still, when she passed a few years back, I knew the world had become a much more boring place.

In her mid-to-late 50's Gina began doing something she'd always wanted to do ... taking ballet lessons. She didn't care if it was something women her age usually did or not. She wanted to dance. And, so, that's what she did.

She did it well enough to teach eventually. And she especially enjoyed teaching seniors like herself. She also got to take to the stage a few times in dramatic parts with a local ballet company, usually in the role of queen. She made a great queen!

Despite a lot of physical pain, she continued teaching almost till the end. Of course, she taught more than ballet. She set an example for everyone who knew her that you should always keep on living and doing what you feel called to do. Age Be Damned!

I'm just at the age now where she started taking ballet classes. I'm ashamed to admit I've been catching myself lately thinking that I'm getting old and that it's too late for me to do certain things. Shame on me! What would Gina say?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Return to Starlight Blog!

Long Ago and Far Away ...

That's how they sometimes begin stories. But it's also the way they continue them as well.

Starlight Blog was the name of my very first blog. Unfortunately, I had to start it over twice because of technical changes made first by Google in FTP and then by Yahoo in MySql. So, thinking it might be a bad luck name, I switched to two others. Starlight Wishes came next, but changes in Google Friend Connect left my followers once again with no way to follow me. And Starlight Rose got interrupted long term by preparations for a move and health issues.

So, I'm back with Starlight Blog again. I'm still hoping to release a fantasy ebook this year, the first in a series called "The Starlight Council." Yeah, I know. Everything seems to be starlight with me. 

There's also a chance that I might follow in the footsteps of some indie writers who release "seasons" of a story in smaller episodes so they can publish more often. It used to be that authors would publish one book a year, but that's old hat now. Everything else moves fast, so the world expects authors to write faster too. It's easier when you're an indie author, but still it requires a different mindset.

Since I started writing fanfiction as a weekly series, this might be easier for me than for some ... at least if I can get my schedule under control. Starlight Rose will become my indie publisher's site, which is only fair because that's my business name. The other niche blogs that I started way back will go on serving their old niches. I'll be mentioning them from time to time here.

Beginning again is never easy. But as they say ... The Show Must Go On!